We are made of Stories



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Lies are lame


No you’re not!

If you aren’t fainting on the spot, you’re not too tired. If you have had enough sleep, then there’s no excuse.

You only get to be tired after you gave your 200% or if you’re sick.

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Elon Musk

It’s an often asked question of Musk – ‘How did he learn so much?’

Since childhood, he has been a tireless self learner. At the age of 10 he resorted to reading Encyclopedia Britannica after devouring every other book at home.

From interviews and discussions with Musk, its becomes apparent that he views people as computer systems, being made up of hardware (body) and software (mind). Recognizing that your software is one of the most powerful tools that you possess, Musk works tirelessly on updating his, feeding it with more knowledge and information when he wants to understand a problem.

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Why do some people succeed and some don’t?

When it comes to defining success, we usually have difficulties with this task. Indeed, we are not likely to hold a shared view on how to define and measure success.

It is worth commencing with emphasizing that success is the thing that everybody perceives and defines differently. There is no common measure of success. Nor is there a common definition.

What might be considered as success by one person, can have nothing to do with what another one believes success is.

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