Unlimited You

About 6 Months ago I started doing something that changed my life, and I have continued it to this day because of the amazing effect. Every day an alarm would ring on my cell phone at a random time during the day. As soon as this alarm would ring I would look down at my cell phone and see the following:


For the next hour I would try to challenge myself in whatever I was currently doing. If I was at a bar, I would go up to random people and try to start a conversation. If I was in class, I would ask more questions or try to take the best notes possible. And if I was working out, I would go for more sets and reps than I normally would do.

If you start this habit you will realize a lot of amazing things that you will keep for the rest of your life:

  • You are more confident in yourself.
    • If you can beat a challenge, or attempt one, every day it makes you feel like you are actually progressing in life.
  • “Limits” won’t hold you back anymore.
    • Limitations are often only set by ourselves or people that have never attempted to break those limits.
  • Every day is filled with new experiences for you.
    • The most common regret people have is that they didn’t do something because they were afraid to do it. Challenging yourself means to be afraid for a bit, but afterwards you did it, and that is a thousand times better than always wondering what could have happened.
  • Others look at you with respect and awe.
    • Go above and beyond what anyone else is willing to do and they will be filled with a mixture of jealousy, admiration, respect, anger, inspiration, awe, hate, fear, and excitement towards you. All because you are doing what they are too afraid to do and that gets them pissed off at themselves immensely.
  • You will feel more in control of your life.
    • If you can challenge yourself, beat old limits and drop fear from your life, you will have every reason to be in control. After all: There is nothing to contest it anymore.

When you do these challenges be sure to do it no matter what. If you wimp out as soon as the alarm rings, or you make an excuse on why you cannot challenge yourself right now, your life will not change whatsoever. Yes, it is scary. Yes, it does require you to step outside your comfort zone. But you will feel the difference at the end of every day, and the change in your life already after a week.

Try it for thirty days. The difference is astounding. I have done this for 6 months now, and I have not regretted a single day.


Source: Lukas Schwekendiek on Quora.


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