Ability to not give a fuck.

It’s the ability to not give a fuck about almost anything in life. This is by far the most effective life hack that you will ever come across. It’s also one of the main factors that contributes toward your happiness.

So let’s see how this life hack can take you miles ahead than most people out there.


We tend to admire people who go out and do the things others only talk about. The famous Nike slogan Just Do It has inspired many to act on their goals, because the quote is simple and effective. Can you recall the last time when you were in doubt whether to do something or not, but eventually thought Fuck It and you did it? Wasn’t the outcome so much better than if you haven’t done it?

You think you deserve higher salary? Fuck it, go ask your boss for a raise. Worst case scenario you will be on the same salary… or have a better job. Fancy that girl at the bar? Fuck it, go talk to her. Want to start a new business but no one thinks that you will succeed? Fuck them, start it anyway. You will quickly notice how your confidence grows and with that you also become much more successful.


Shit happens to all of us. That’s a fact. What differentiates us is how we deal with it. When you stop giving a fuck, about the small and medium things in life you will see what real freedom feels like.

Sally didn’t like your new dress on which you’ve spent $200. Fuck it, the dress is awesome. Your neighbour did not greet you when he saw you down the street? Fuck it, who cares. Scratched your car? Fuck it, no big deal; scratch remover for $20 will do the job.

Your life will be almost stress free when you stop giving a fuck about the small things in life. You will have more energy and time to concentrate on the important aspects of you life.


Your ability to say Fuck It and Just Do It is what will make your life so much easier. Rejection and failure will not affect you in nearly the same way, which automatically boosts your chances of success. Why? Because you see failure as an opportunity to learn something new. Rejection is a choice to find something better. You see the positive side of life, not the negative one which tends to slowly but steadily turn capable individuals into losers.


When you learn what to care and not to care about you start giving a fuck about the things that are really worth giving a fuck – your family and friends, your health and your spiritual growth.

Those are the things that will make you truly happy, fulfilled and overall a better human being. Everything else falls behind. Life is about living, not existing. Moments, experiences and actions are what make your life worth living. So give a fuck for only those things.

Yes, I’ve said the F word 14 times… But fuck it, I hope this answer helps.


Source: Dimitar Dimov on Quora


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