Learn to have faith in bad times by finding your center

We tend to underestimate how we get thrown off by becoming intoxicated with extreme mental and emotional states.

We’ve all been there – we’ve all experienced the fall into negative emotional states that might affect us for weeks or months at a time.

There’s this concept I was introduced to – The Law of Opposites – the general concept being that at the end of one thing is always its direct opposite.

Think about it,

– At the end of happiness, there can only be a lack of happiness.

– At the end of peace there can only be war.

– At the end of being extremely energized, there can only be lethargy and exhaustion.

This is a LAW – at the end of one thing is always its direct opposite.

What I’ve come to realize is that there’s another law that plays a role in the balancing of opposites – The Law of The Pendulumthe swing from one end of a thing to its opposite is precisely defined by how far we swung in the first direction. Extreme happiness isn’t just followed by a lack of happiness but ultimately ends up in somewhat of a minor depression.


Because when we experience an extreme state of emotions or thoughts, that extreme state becomes the measuring stick our imagination uses to determine the quality of our life.

Think of the happiest moment of your life – what were you doing, who were you with, where were you?

In comparison to that experience, nothing comes close because the standard has been set so high. Following that happiness chances are that you fell into a very different place when it came to an end – probably without realizing how or why it happened.

When we lose that “high” we get from extreme positive mental and emotional states we get lost, we fall, and for some reason, we lose our motivation and drive.

Sometimes we even think there’s something wrong with us.

But there’s an antidote to the potentially negative implications of The Law of Opposites – by seeing it in action and realizing that it’s just as real as the law of gravity, it loses control over you.

When we have faith in the truth of this law, we start to understand that nothing is permanent, our emotional states are flexible, mobile, and ultimately, we WILL get back up.

You stop worrying about the fact that things will turn around because you KNOW they will.

Once that feeling of faith makes its appearance, you’ve started to swing back in the opposite direction.

What I’m saying guys, is don’t take yourselves so seriously.

Nothing is permanent – there’s no such thing as living a permanent life of happiness. But simply by having that knowledge, you become somewhat immune to negative effects of falling from one end of a stick to its opposite.

How exactly does this relate to habits?

When I make the decision to take on a habit, to transform my life I’m usually EXCITED AS HELL. Problem is, the more excited I am, the harder it hits me when I forget what I was so excited about, when I forget the benefits I wanted to feel by making a lifestyle change. The more enthusiasm I start with, the harder I fall off the wagon.

Remember, it is INEVITABLE that our desires will swing from one end to the other.

Even just this morning – I woke up excited as hell to get my workout in tonight. I feel that desire slowly dwindling as the day goes by. Without knowing that that was going to happen, my lack of desire to work out tonight might actually stop me from doing it. But because I know that it’s just the Law of Opposites in play and I’ll thank myself later for ignoring myself right now, it has no control over me.

Find your center – something in you knows what’s best for you. Something in you knows not to trust your swinging emotions. Something in you knows what you really want. Find that and let it pull you out of tough times.

Something in you knows what you really want. Find that and let it pull you out of tough times.



Source: Ariel Banayan on Partners in Grind


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