It’s okay to Fail


I was preparing for competitive exams.

I got stuck with a question at around 11 pm at night. I wanted to get a solution to it badly. It took me 7 hours to get a solution to it. I used various approach to get the solution.

I failed 57 times and it was only 58th time when I got a correct solution to it.

The joy was inevitable.

Later, I thought about it, was it worth giving 7 hours? Failing 57 times?

Next day, while solving another question, I realized that one of the approach which failed to get solution to that question last night, is a correct approach to this question.

This was an eye opener!

Life is not all about success, it’s about gaining experiences, may it be failure.

Every failure at something is a success at something else.



Source: Vichitra Zawar on Quora.


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