F**k your dreams. The work is the goal.

I learnt this from acclaimed writer Ryan Holiday.

I get it. I bet you have a bunch of big ass dreams.

You wanna be an actor. You wanna be a superstar. You wanna become super rich and famous. You wanna go viral and all online. You wanna be driving nice cars and travel the world to meet hot babes.


But they are just dreams.

And dreams are useless. They’re just there in your head.

Your dreams will never come to fruition if you don’t do the work.

That’s all you have to do: The work.

You work because it’s your job. You have to do it everyday. You do it because you love it and it’s your duty. You do it because it’s calling out to you.

You don’t work in hopes of being discovered, of earning some big break, of experiencing some breakthrough or hitting some milestone out of pure luck.

That is bullshit. Luck is bullshit. Hope is not a strategy. If that’s how you want to work, you might as well give it all up today and keep playing the lottery instead. And yeah, it’s going to feel like a long ass ride which is going to tire you out.

You. Just. Need. To. Do. The. Work. Everyday.

Wake up. Finish up your daily tasks. Go back to bed. Recharge. Repeat the next day.

That’s it.

If there is one way to hit your dreams, then this is it. Slowly but surely, you will.



Source: Alden Tan on Quora


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