3 Habits from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Let’s keep this fucking short and sweet!

Three awesome habits I love from Dwayne The Rock Johnson!

1. Start your week off fucking strong, on Monday!

Check that shit out. Start it strong at the beginning of the week and let that momentum flow through like a motherfucker.

This will really help as it’d push you to get off your lazy ass on Monday, and then you’ll inspire yourself (yes, YOU) to keep on keeping on with the work.

Most of us are stuck in routine and that includes feeling like shit on Mondays. Level yourself up and make a difference. Your week will be a lot more productive this way.

For his full video on this idea, click here.

2. Be consistent as fuck with your work/art/content/business

Look at his Instagram account. He updates it regularly on his own all the time.

That is extremely important.

Trust me on this: It’s extremely easy to be waylaid into thinking that it’s easy to have a successful, online business today, what with social media and all. So many newbies always learn something new and think like, “Oh okay! I’ll just create an Instagram account. Post up some pretty pics and I should gain a lot of followers!”

And when they don’t get the results that they read about, they get disappointed.

It doesn’t work that way. You also can’t expect to go viral and be lucky like some people out there are.

The secret is in the consistency.

Just keep pushing out your best shit ever. Everyday. Don’t stop. Slowly but surely, you’d get there.

3. Work out and become fit as fuck

Dwayne Johnson is putting in the hours to work out all the damn time.

He has fame, money, girls and a solid physique already. He can call it quits and probably live a good life.

But he doesn’t give up. He continues on (consistency!)

Look good, feel good man. Work out. Become healthy as fuck. Become ripped and fit!

You’ll feel awesome then, and those great feelings will follow you wherever you will go.

So yeah.

Start your week off right.

Be consistent.

Get fit as fuck.


Source: Alden Tan on Quora.


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