I’ve given you affirmations before and the story here is the same. Just to remind you of how wonderful these are, I’ll tell you that when you do affirmations you are creating a link between what you’re saying out loud and what you believe.

Your words create your thoughts, which create your reality.

Here’s how to go about it:

Experiment with affirmations in three steps

  • Find a quiet area you can do this in private so you can actually do this at ease.
    If nothing is available, say these in your head while pretending you’re screaming it from a rooftop.
  • Think of a time where you felt absolutely powerful – where you felt on top of the world. Tap into every emotion you had at that moment and get yourself into that state right now. How were you feeling then – Powerful? Unstoppable? Strong? Incredible!? Get into it now!!!!
  • Say this with full intensity.

I will take full advantage of every day. Every day I wake up, I feel fresh, restored, and have the time to do everything needed to accomplish my goals.

Waking up and knocking out my most important task of the day increases the hours in my day so that I don’t have to rush but can still accomplish everything I set out to do.

By waking up on time I can knock out my biggest tasks of the day early. By knocking out big tasks early my mind and day clear up.

Having a clear mind and extra time during the day gives me the ability to think progressively and creatively because my mind isn’t crowded with ordinary stress.


*Repeat these affirmations 2-3 times to get the full effect.

As always, Wishing you the best,

– Ariel


Source: Ariel Banayan on Partners in Grind


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