Let Your Progress Guide You

Take note of any progress you see with regards to your habit goals. Why?

Because progress is the most useful tool we have to keep us going.

Progress is one of the most beautiful and impactful words in the dictionary.

It’s the word that designates that we have a goal and we are pushing towards that goal… whether it’s slowly or quickly doesn’t really matter.

You all have goals in mind with regards to altering your habits. You want to change your habits for a reason.

You want to be more productive, you want to be healthier, you want to look better, you want to be THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF THAT YOU POSSIBLY CAN BE.

The thing is that we get really discouraged when we don’t think we’re moving fast enough.

We all expect change to happen overnight.

We think that making the decision to change is the name of the game when in reality, the decision is the first step in a series of steps we need to take to make our decision of enacting life-long change a reality.

If we’re not paying close attention to every small victory, it is really easy to feel as if we’re failing with regards to our habit goals. We quickly forget where we started and we believe that where we are now is at the start line.. maybe even further away from the finish line than we were when we started.

I urge you to take note of your progress with regards to your habits.

When you started, how often did you do your habit/how much of it did you do? What about now? What is your ultimate goal with regard to your habit?

Writing down the start and end point and continually updating where you are currently will allow you to see how far you’ve come along when you’re feeling stagnant.

It also provides you with that extra level of accountability to yourself because you want to beat what you were able to do yesterday, and so on.

It creates a timeline for your progress while giving you a visual of how far you’ve come along and how quickly you’re inching towards your goal.

Remember, as long as you’re moving away from the starting point, you’re doing GREAT. As long as we’re moving forwards, we’re better than we were yesterday. As long as we continue to be better than we were yesterday, we’re becoming the best version of ourselves.


Source: Ariel Banayan on Partners in Grind.


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