‘Shaping’ your future.

Experiment with the idea that your entire future self is resting on the actions you take today.

Know that your brain learns from what you do, not what you think or say.

How do you envision yourself in the future? Do you view yourself as successful?

What actions have you taken the last month, or last week, specifically, that is in direct relation to the success and future version of yourself that you are envisioning?

For most of us, that answer usually amounts to little, and usually because we are so busy with other things going on.

This also leads to a safety net of us believing that the future version of ourselves – a month, three months, six months, or a year down the line – will pick up the pieces, magically figure out all of the success-oriented actions we need to do, and amongst all odds, drive us there.

Wake up call: as time is going on, we are only getting busier, more distracted, and less disciplined.

Each of those future versions of ourselves are direct magnifications of who we are and what we are doing today. They are no different than what we are doing and acting upon right now.

This insight is like a magical gift.

You have the power to not only change something about yourself and your life today, but to enact and strengthen the change from happening in your life for months and years to follow.

But this all leverages on you taking that action today, in the next hour, now.

This is because our brains function off our habits. And our habits function off our actions. And our actions can only come from today, from the present moment, from right now.

Each step that we take to help help ourselves today is in reality making a compounding effect, day after day after day after day, for the rest of our lives.

This also goes in the exact same opposite direction, where if we are procrastinating, feeling guilty about ourselves, distracting ourselves from what’s important, and not forcing ourselves to do our daily positive habits, our lives and future selves will be a magnification of these bad habits-but much, much stronger as they’re being strengthened over time.

Realize the power your actions have today to alter your course for the days, weeks, months, and years to come!


Source: Ariel Banayan on Partners in Grind


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