Why ME ?


10 Years ago, I had a serious bicycle accident. I broke my left side, a rib punctured my lung, and my left femur was shattered at the top. The pain was terrible, I was in a wheel chair for months. Eventually the top of my femur died and I had to have my hip replaced. I have had 15 surgeries since then. I cannot run or jump, and bending my left leg is limited and painful.

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Harsh Life Lesson

1. Protect yourself when traveling or you’ll regret it.

I traveled to South Africa 2 years ago to visit my uncle in Johannesburg. I thought it’d be a good idea to go a few days early, get sloppy drunk, and have lots of sex in Cape Town.

I succeeded on all three points, but got too drunk and woke up with no money, no ID, no phone, and no cards. I had to Facebook my uncle.

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I’ve given you affirmations before and the story here is the same. Just to remind you of how wonderful these are, I’ll tell you that when you do affirmations you are creating a link between what you’re saying out loud and what you believe.

Your words create your thoughts, which create your reality.

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